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Archives - August 2006

Custom Foam Tyrannosaurus Rex Head Life Sized

A budget approach to a life sized Tyrannosaurus Rex head, created from hard coated EPS foam. This five foot long foam carved Tyrannosaurus Rex head was made for a haunt owner who wanted the big impact of a full sized dinosaur head but also wanted t...

Star Wars Ugnaught Mask Movie Prop Restorations

Our restoration of several original Star Wars Ugnaught masks, original movie props used in The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars Ugnaught Mask With Tusks:  Original movie prop mask used in both the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – in ...

Return of the Jedi Ewok Masks from Production Parts

These Return of the Jedi Ewok masks were hand assembled by our studio for The Propstore of London in the mid-2000’s when they were assisting makeup legend Stuart Freeborn find homes for incredible movie props and costumes. Among the items F...