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Archives - June 2007

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein Headpiece Restoration

A restoration of a rare latex Frankenstein headpiece casting from the 1948 classic comedy, Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. We’re all big fans of the classic monster films, especially the mash-ups.  Universal’s were always the be...

Empire Stikes Back Yoda Puppet Hand Movie Prop Restoration

An original Yoda puppet hand from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back. The foam latex Yoda puppet hand prop was in fairly good condition on arrival with our conservation artists, especially considering its age. This was a screen used part of the pupp...

Custom Lighted Display Bases for Star Wars Statues

A pair of custom lighted display bases for a private collector’s replica Star Wars statues. We created these custom lighted display bases for a private collector who was looking for a unique way to display their life sized Star Wars statues. We...