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Archives - January 2008

Stone Throne Custom Sculpted Chair

The Stone Throne – a bit more ancient than game of thrones! This faux stone throne is a hand carved foam chair with the realistic look of stone!  It’s not just a chair, but a piece of custom furniture art. Just the sort of thing for a...

UFO Coffee Table 50’s Sci-Fi Custom Furniture

A UFO coffee table that brings 50’s sci-fi theming into your living room! A 50’s movie themed Flying Saucer Table or coffee table CONCEPT that could feature internal lights, and even a prop alien pilot visible through the clear top dome....

Tree Throne Custom Sculpted Chair

A rustic foam chair called the Tree Throne for your home or trade show! This foam or fiberglass tree throne features the realistic look of wood!  Created in foam and fiberglass as a piece of furniture art, it’s just the sort of thing for a t...