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Archives - August 2008

Custom Movie Themed Furniture – Galactic Throne

Movie themed furniture inspired by Star Wars AND Star Trek! A custom crafted chair inspired by both the Emperor’s throne from Star Wars and Captain Kirk’s command chair from Star Trek. While this specific chair is no longer available for ...

Evil Ash Mask, Army of Darkness Foam Latex Restoration

An original, foam latex Evil Ash mask used in Evil Dead 3, Army of Darkness restored! When this classic horror/comedy movie prop arrived at our New York studio, half of the face was severely damaged. The jaw had even caved in. We conserved the Evil...

Farscape Scarran Mask Movie Prop Restoration

Our work restoring and displaying an original Farscape Scarran foam latex prop mask from the finale of the TV series, Peacekeeper Wars. In addition to our work restoring the foam latex skin of this prop mask, the client requested a custom head form ...