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Archives - September 2008

Dinosaur Furniture Custom Fossil Bar or Desk

Custom dinosaur furniture inspired by t-rex fossils. A concept for a life-sized fiberglass recreation of a fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex skull emerging from the rock of a uniquely themed desk or bar.  We love the T-rex and wanted to come up with an...

Ymir Statue Custom Life Sized Creature Statue

A life sized (well, six foot tall) Ymir statue for a big fan of the stop motion monster. A custom foam carved Ymir statue from the 1957 classic “20 Million Miles to Earth.”  This foam sculpture was a tribute to one of our heroes, Ray H...

Rick Baker American Werewolf in London Movie Prop Restoration

Restoring the original Rick Baker American Werewolf for our friends Bob and Kathy Burns! We were very honored to be asked to restore the original Rick Baker American Werewolf prop/costume.  Created by Rick Baker and his team of special effects artis...