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Archives - May 2011

The Wolfman 2010 Life Sized Costume Display

A realistic, life sized movie display for a wolf man costume from The Wolfman 2010 as worn by Benicio Del Toro. It’s a great day when you can work on an Oscar-winning costume! The makeup effects team on The Wolfman 2010 (led by Rick Baker and ...

Life Size Star Wars Bust of Figrin D’an from the Cantina Band

A life size Star Wars bust for Sideshow Collectibles. We created the prototypes for this officially licensed, life size Star Wars bust of a “Bith,” the famed aliens who made up the Mos Eisley cantina band for toy and collectible maker, S...

Wrath of Khan Movie Costume Botany Bay Display

KHAAAN!!!! A custom life sized display bust for a screen used Wrath of Khan movie costume. We were asked to create a display bust for this screen used Wrath of Khan movie costume from the second Star Trek movie. The Wrath of Khan follows Captain Kirk...