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Archives - October 2011

Foam Baseball Bat Giant Theme Park Sculpture

They expected a giant flying rodent but saw a large foam baseball bat instead! Yep, the puns were that bad at Six Flags Fright Fest that year!  Here’s another large hard coated foam prop sculpture for the theme park.  Their side show themed ...

Killer Bees Six Flags Foam Letter Props

A dastardly trio of foam letter props and an awful fun pun! These foam sculpted “Giant Killer B’s” were created for Six Flags Over Georgia as part of their Fright Fest.  The theme park had a sideshow theme that year and small wind...

Planet of the Apes Lawgiver Replica Bust Display

A custom created display for a replica Planet of the Apes Lawgiver faux stone bust. Not all of the pieces we display are screen used props. We have had clients come to us with licensed replicas, custom created art pieces, cosplay costumes and other ...