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Archives - August 2013

Star Trek Grand Nagus Cane Prop Display

 A painted original Grand Nagus cane from the production of the television series Star Trek, Deep Space 9. One of our clients had an unfinished TV prop Grand Nagus cane that was a production spare from an episode of Star Trek, Deep Space 9. They wer...

Batman Costume Mannequin on Bat-Signal Display

Custom display base and mannequin for a licensed Batman costume style motorcycle suit! Our client came to us with their amazing Batman costume style motorcycle suit from our good friends at UD Replicas. David Pea and the folks over at UD Replicas sp...

Reddit Logo Snoo Alien Life Sized Foam Statue

Reddit Logo or Snoo Alien Life Sized Foam Statue This hand carved foam character was the brain child of the folks at the outstanding This is Why I’m Broke website.  They credit much of their site’s success to support from the site Redd...