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Archives - June 2014

TUMS Commercial Costumes Custom Display Mannequins

Three custom mannequins made as displays for the TUMS commercial costumes. We were contacted by TUMS’ parent company looking to display three of the TUMS commercial costumes at their corporate offices. The amazing giant Meatball, Taco and Chicken ...

Jeepers Creepers Movie Prop Mask Restoration

Restoration of a screen used Jeepers Creepers movie prop mask, turning aging foam latex into a stunning display bust! We took an original, Jonathen Breck Jeepers Creepers movie prop mask and turned it into a beautiful bust of the character!  This f...

Styro Foam Prop Statue Head for Stage

A giant foam prop statue head made for a stage production. This giant carved foam prop statue head was created for a stage production. We created sketches for the production who then chose the direction and we started to carve!  The foam began as a...