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Archives - November 2015

Alien Mask and Costume rentals for TBS Samantha Bee Show

Some familiar looking alien mask and costume rentals! You may have seen our aliens in this TBS promo playing in theaters along with Star Wars, the Force Awakens.  Shooting in New York City’s La Caverna, a wonderfully cave themed bar, our ali...

Gremlins 2 Movie Prop Restoration and Hatching Display

This screen used Gremlins 2 movie prop is an oversized proto-gremlin used for close ups of Gremlins hatching. The Gremlins 2 movie prop puppet was made to look like it was growing in a bubble on the back of another gremlin after the creature had gott...

Star Wars Alien Costume Rentals for Toy Commercial

Star Wars alien costume rentals for a cantina commercial for Box Busters. Our custom Star Wars alien masks and costumes were featured in this great toy commercial from Spin Master Toys features their wonderful “Box Busters” toys.  The co...