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Archives - June 2018

Star Trek Jake Sisko Costume Custom Mannequin

A custom mannequin for a Jake Sisko costume from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine A custom mannequin to display this screen worn Jake Sisko costume. Played by Cirroc Lofton, Jake is the son of Benjamin Sisko(Avery Brooks), commander of the station on th...

Carol Anne Poltergeist 2 Bust Restoration

She’s back….Restoration of a Poltergeist 2 Bust This Poltergeist 2 bust came with it’s own set of unique challenges, because it was a fragile,thin layer of foam latex over a very heavy plaster bust. Since the skin was already fragi...

Ron Perlman Hellboy Prosthetics Display

A custom display created for a set of Ron Perlman Hellboy foam latex prosthetics This set of Ron Perlman Hellboy prosthetics arrived to our studio in need of a display worthy of such fun and unique movie props. After discussions with the client about...