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Archives - November 2020

Ghost Papa 3 Mask Conservation

A custom display bust for a stage-worn Ghost Papa 3 Mask This original Ghost Papa 3 mask was sent to us for conservation and display work. Worn by the band’s singer, Tobias Forge, this bit of music history is a silicone pull-over mask that cove...

Gremlins 1 Movie Prop Puppet Restoration

Rare Gremlins 1 movie prop puppet from the original 1984 film. This Gremlins 1 movie prop puppet is from the original, Joe Dante classic movie. A poly foam and foam latex hand puppet, this prop is intricately detailed and full of life and style. The ...

Pirates of the Caribbean Necklace Prop Display

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate’s HAND for Me! Our themed display for an original Pirates of the Caribbean Necklace Prop! Arrr matey! This Pirates of the Caribbean necklace prop was used in the first Disney film based on their classic theme park ride! ...