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Archives - July 2022

Custom Sculpted Bronze Style Tribute Busts – Early 2022

Our custom sculpted bronze style tribute busts are the perfect way to honor a loved one One of the things we love about creating these tribute busts is the chance to get to really know each individual client and their loved ones.  These are real peo...

Gremlins Puppet Restoration for Actor Dick Miller’s Family

Restoration of a Gremlins puppet for the family of the late actor, Dick Miller This Gremlins 2 puppet was a special restoration as it belong to the late Dick Miller and his wife, Lainie.  Dick played countless characters in his career, but perhaps i...

Restoration vs conservation – What’s best for your prop?

To RESTORE or CONSERVE, that is the question! We often get collectors, auction houses or curators looking to preserve their valuable movie props and costumes. The two main avenues for this are conservation and restoration. This article is a brief ove...