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Archives - August 2022

Company Founder Bronze Bust – Louis Klauder

Our custom sculpted bronze style tribute busts are the perfect way to honor a colleague or company founder! Create a one of a kind tribute to your company founder with a custom bronze-style bust! This post details our custom sculpture of Louis T. Kla...

Creating a Custom Mannequin for Your Movie Costume

Consider a custom mannequin to display your screen used costumes and wardrobe We’ve heard it many times before “Why get a custom body form? Can’t I just use a clothing store mannequin?” We’re the go-to source for purpose-built body form...

Themed Displays for Captain America Costumes

We could make displays like this all day! Our themed displays for a pair of screen used Captain America costumes – Steve Rogers & a HYDRA Soldier! Our entire studio are huge Marvel fans so when this pair of Captain America costumes was brou...