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Creepshow creep skeleton puppet restoration

Restoring the original Creepshow Creep Puppet

Restoring the original Creepshow Creep puppet for Creepshow TV series director/producer, Greg Nicotero. Over the years, we’ve had the great fortune to conserve and restore on a number of key props and costumes from the 1982 film, Creepshow and...
zombie movie prop halloween

Day of the Dead Movie Prop Display

You’ll lose your head over this custom themed Day of the Day movie prop display! George A Romero is often called the “Father of the Zombie Film”, and Day of the Dead is the perfect example of his signature style. Plenty of blood su...
Creepshow movie prop Fluffy puppet display

Creepshow Fluffy Puppet Restoration & Display

Revisiting an old friend – restoring and displaying the original screen used “attack head” Creepshow Fluffy puppet created by Tom Savini. We’ve been fortunate to work on a number of props and costumes from the 1982 film, Creep...
Tom Savini movie prop puppet restoration

Tales from the Darkside Lizzie Puppet Restoration

One of the most extensive restorations we’ve undertaken – rebuilding Tom Savini’s classic Lizzie puppet from Tales from the Dark Side! Tom Savini’s special makeup effects books in the 80’s made him the “first makeu...
Fluffy the Crate Beast from 1982 Creep show horror film prop

Fluffy The Crate Beast Contact Lens Display

A custom display for a screen used contact lenses for Fluffy The Crate Beast from Creepshow We created this replica of Fluffy The Crate Beast and a slightly scaled down version of his classic wood crate to display a pair of screen used monster contac...
faux sledgehammer foam movie prop

Dawn of the Dead Sledgehammer Prop Restoration

Restoration of Dawn of the Dead sledgehammer used in the 1978 George Romero classic horror film. This Dawn of the Dead sledgehammer movie prop was the main weapon used by Taso Stavrakis who played the biker aptly named, Sledge. Due to the film’s ti...
screen used movie Creepshow Fluffy puppet conservation

Creepshow Fluffy Puppet Conservation

Our work preserving and displaying the original screen used “attack head” Creepshow Fluffy puppet created by Tom Savini. The Creepshow Fluffy puppet – a life sized hand operated version of the character used for close ups and stunt ...
Creepshow Fluffy original movie prop head

Creepshow Fluffy Costume Restoration and Display

Restoring and displaying the original Creepshow Fluffy Costume Our client had two incredible film artifacts – the original “attack head” Fluffy puppet, and the original full-body Fluffy costume. Check out the conservation of  the o...