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Spotlight News and Updates


Phantasm Movie Props Display

A Custom Themed Display for a Pair of Classic Phantasm Movie Props Our client sent us a pair of really cool original Phantasm movie props including a latex dwarf mask and one of the Tall Man’s sentinel spheres. He was looking for a unique way t...

TMNT Shredder Helmet Restoration and Custom Display

Restoration and a custom display stand for a Shredder TMNT  latex helmet This original Shredder TMNT  latex helmet was used in both the original 1990 film and the 1992 sequel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. After filming ...

New Decor inspired by The Mandalorian Disney+ Series

NEW CREATIONS FROM THE HIT DISNEY+ SERIES, THE MANDALORIAN, ORDER TODAY! Our sister company Regal Robot is thrilled to announce their latest Star Wars, The Mandalorian creations, all of which you can now order on the Regal Robot website. Each of th...

Crystal Event Props for Music Festival

Hand carved crystal event props for an outdoor musical festival photo op Our client was looking create a one of a kind photo op for a music festival they were hosting. They wanted to create a “crystal garden” and asked us to create severa...

Groucho Marx Costume Display Form

A custom half-mannequin for a Groucho Marx costume jacket from A Night at the Opera Not every project that comes through is a modern super-hero or some sci-fi or horror monster! Sometimes, a bit of classic Hollywood comes through! We work with collec...

Rocketeer Movie Props Themed Display

A custom themed display for original Rocketeer movie props The classic style of 1991’s The Rocketeer grabbed the imagination of many fans, including our client. He had a set of Rocketeer movie props including a screen used jetpack with gauntlet...

Johnny Cab Total Recall Prop Display Bust

A custom sculpted display head for a production made Johnny Cab prop from Total Recall A movie prop collector had sourced an unfinished foam latex Johnny Cab prop from the 1990 film, Total Recall. He was looking to finish the raw foam latex facial pi...

From Dusk Till Dawn Prop Shotgun Display Base

A custom display for a From Dusk Till Dawn prop shotgun used and signed by Harvey Keitel For this From Dusk Till Dawn prop shotgun, we created a themed base inspired by Robert Rodriguez’s cult favorite vampire flick. The shotgun prop was not on...

Ron Perlman Hellboy Costume Custom Mannequin

Custom themed mannequin for an original, movie-worn Ron Perlman Hellboy costume We were contacted by a client to create a custom display mannequin for their screen used Ron Perlman Hellboy costume. They were looking for a display that turned the cost...

Life Sized Custom Werewolf Statue aka “Wilbert”

A Life Sized Custom Werewolf Statue named Wilbert – A Wild Birthday Gift! When you want to surprise his buddy with one incredible gift for his 50th birthday, you call TSD for a custom statue like no other! We received an email from a UK collect...

Jason X Glove Prop Conservation

Evil gets an upgrade! A Jason X Glove Prop Conservation from the 10th Friday the 13th movie! From Kane Hodder’s final turn as Jason, this Uber Jason glove had taken a little damage over the years. Nearly all of the fingers of the Jason X glove ...

Edward Scissorhands Costume Display

A custom mannequin for a screen0-used Johnny Depp Edward Scissorhands costume We created a custom mannequin to display this screen used Edward Scissorhands costume worn by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s classic film. Depp’s original movie co...

Spider-Man: Homecoming Costume Display

A dynamic display for a screen used Spider-Man: Homecoming Costume! One of our clients picked up this original Marvel Spider-Man: Homecoming costume from an charity auction benefiting Toys for Tots. He was thrilled which his purchase but was not so ...

The Dark Crystal Podling Puppet Restoration

Restoration of a foam latex The Dark Crystal Podling Puppet This Dark Crystal Podling puppet, arrived to our studio showing the unfortunate common effects of age on the foam latex. With puppets the areas which show the most damage are usually the are...

Hellraiser Movie Props Display

A Horror Inspired Themed Display for a set of Hellraiser Movie Props Our client sent us several awesome Hellraiser movie props and was looking for a cohesive way to displays all of them together in his collection. He provided us with a Pinhead foam ...

Custom Bronze Bust Corporate Gift

A Life Sized Bronze Likeness Bust for a  Corporate Gift This custom made bronze bust was created by sculptors in our New York studio. This corporate gift was hand sculpted entirely from photos and cast in lightweight resin that looks like bronze wi...

Babylon 5 Alien Mask Restoration and Custom Display

Restoration and a custom display for a latex Babylon 5 alien mask This original TV prop latex Babylon 5 alien mask from the Season 4 episode “Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi” arrived to our studio in need of careful restoration. Over...

Acrylic Display Case for Screen Used Jaws Prop

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water…. A custom display case for screen used Jaws prop goggles from 1975! Our client was looking for the best way to display this pair of Jaws prop scuba goggles worn by Richard Dreyfuss as Hoope...

Tiki Props – Sculpted Store Displays for Geeki Tikis

A set of larger than life hand carved tiki props inspired by Geeki Tikis Here at Tom Spina Designs, I think it’s pretty clear that we love pop culture inspired anything! So when the brilliant folks over at Beeline Creative contacted us about making...

Pics and Video from Star Wars Celebration!

Pics and Video from Star Wars Celebration Chicago with our sister company, Regal Robot! What an incredible show Star Wars Celebration Chicago was! In addition to the Regal Robot booth, Tom was invited as a guest and was seen on three panels and sever...

Realistic Wax Museum Style Head Gift

We sculpted this life-sized wax museum style head of one of our clients as a surprise gift from his wife! This wax museum style figure was commissioned by one of our clients looking for a one of a kind birthday gift for her husband. She wanted to cre...

Gangs of New York Cross Prop Restoration

Restoration of Liam Neeson’s Gangs of New York Cross Prop This Gangs of New York Cross prop was a carried by Liam Neeson’s character ‘Priest’ Vallon in Martin Scorsese’s 2002 film. Likely for safety reasons and for ea...

Honey I Shrunk the Kids Ant Puppet Display

Antie! Our themed display for an original stop motion Honey I Shrunk the Kids ant puppet! Who could forget Antie? This Honey I Shrunk the Kids ant puppet was used in stop motion FX work on the classic 1989 Disney film. It came to our studio for mino...

Nightmare Before Christmas Zombie Bass Player Restoration

Restoration of an original Halloweentown Zombie Bass Player Stop-Motion Puppet This Zombie Bass Player puppet from the Nightmare Before Christmas was in fairly good condition especially considering its age, material and the fact that it is a stop mo...