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Monsterpalooza Trade Show and Convention 2016

Monsterpalooza Convention Pasadena 2016 Photo Gallery

Here’s our gallery from this year’s show!  We got to spend some time at Monsterpalooza Convention 2016, the show’s first in the larger, Pasadena convention center. We spent time catching up with a lot of old fx artist friends and met many new ones too!

If you’re a monster art fan, Monsterpalooza is a show not to be missed!  Every show is filled with artists debuting incredible new works of art, life-sized mannequins and wax figures, masks, statues… this year, we displayed a handful of our Star Wars cantina alien masks in the museum, right next to Casey Wong’s beautiful new statue of Forry Ackerman, celebrating 100 years of Uncle Forry!

We also had an item on display with our friends at Prop Store’s booth – a full, screen used Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume from the 1990 movie. We restored this original movie prop costume for their upcoming live auction. Keep an eye on their site (and ours!) for more info!

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