Tom’s Appearance at Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Expo

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Expo 2016 guest appearance

We were excited that Tom was invited to be a guest at Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Expo this year.  Tom was on hand as a guest artist and panelist.  He was a part of “Star Wars Film School” with author Bryan Young and Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo, explored “Star Wars Movie Prop Collecting” and “Cantinarchaeology: the Secrets of the Star Wars Cantina” with Hidalgo and was a part of a great panel about “Werewolves and Other Shapeshifters” with a number of authors and artists!

FanX 16 was a blast and the show was heavily populated costumed cosplayers and sic-fi and fantasy TV and movie stars.  Tom ran into quite a few people we’ve worked with, including Don Shanks, who played Michael Myers in Halloween 5, and Carrie Keagan who played “Boushh” in the “West Coast” Star Wars music video we worked on with Nerdist.  He even ran into the folks from Galaxy Press, for whom we built a pair of larger than life “Terl” costumes, based on the Frank Frazetta cover art for Battlefield Earth.  They’re bringing the hairy villain out to conventions for photo ops with fans and their booth was a hit at the show.

Check out the gallery for pics from the show and we hope to see you at a future appearance!

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