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Star Wars Celebration VI – 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI – 2012

Tom was a special guest at this year’s “Star Wars Celebration”, where he participated in a pair of panels, one with Jon Berg, Pablo Hidalgo and Nick Maley which was in-depth and behind the scenes of the original cantina scene from Star Wars (and also our work on the VW Super Bowl Cantina commercial!) and another with Gus Lopez, Brandon Alinger and Stephen Lane, about collecting original movie props and wardrobe.

A bit of our work even showed up in Prop Store’s booth on the vendor floor, with them showcasing a Jabba the Hutt movie prop display we created, as well as an Ewok mask built from original production materials.  We were also honored to be a part of the As You Wish Charity Helmet project showcased at the convention!

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