Spotlight News and Updates


Custom Foam Tyrannosaurus Rex Head Life Sized

A budget approach to a life sized Tyrannosaurus Rex head, created from hard coated EPS foam. This five foot long foam carved Tyrannosaurus Rex head was made for a haunt owner who wanted the big impact of a full sized dinosaur head but also wanted t...

Star Wars Ugnaught Mask Movie Prop Restorations

Our restoration of several original Star Wars Ugnaught masks, original movie props used in The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars Ugnaught Mask With Tusks:  Original movie prop mask used in both the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – in ...

Return of the Jedi Ewok Masks from Production Parts

These Return of the Jedi Ewok masks were hand assembled by our studio for The Propstore of London in the mid-2000’s when they were assisting makeup legend Stuart Freeborn find homes for incredible movie props and costumes. Among the items F...

Custom Latex Tree Puppet for TV Show Kid Fitness

A custom tree puppet created for the television show, “Kid Fitness.” The puppet coordinator, Steven Widerman, came to us looking for a custom tree puppet character for the TV project, Kid Fitness.  The puppet needed to be able to move h...

Life Sized Horse Statue with Headless Horseman

A life sized horse statue with Headless Horseman is the ultimate Halloween or haunt display prop! This prop is a life sized horse statue with Sleepy Hollow’s most infamous resident as its rider – the headless horseman himself!  This horr...

Reproduction of a Fijian Totokia Warclub

A solid resin cast from a real Fijian warclub known as a totokia. This replica Fijian warclub relic was cast in resin and molded from an original, hand-made wood weapon sourced from Fiji. It’s a great bit of polynesian or tiki decor and great ...

Snaggletooth Star Wars Costume Display Mannequin

A custom mannequin created for an original Snaggletooth Star Wars costume used in the 1977 film’s classic cantina scene! This original Snaggletooth Star Wars costume was a simple shirt and trousers prior to our work.  We took those screen use...

Jabba the Hutt Life Size Carved Styrofoam Sculpture

Jabba the Hutt life size statue created from styrofoam! One of sculptor Richard Riley’s first large scale custom foam statues was this personal project of Jabba the Hutt life size figure from the 1983 film, Star Wars, Return of the Jedi. In f...

Pale Rider Life Size Horse Statue with Death

A life size horse statue with skeletal rider! This life size horse statue with “Death” aka “Pale Rider” is a wonderful showpiece is designed to get press and impress your patrons at your haunted attraction, Halloween display ...

Giant Sculpted Foam Prop Hammer

A foam prop hammer for a mythology museum This giant foam prop hammer is actually a custom fabricated foam theme prop is carved from EPS (aka styrofoam) and stands nearly 6 feet tall.  This movie style prop was made for a mythology museum and is a ...

Young Frankenstein Bust aka Fronkonsteen!

It’s pronounced, “Fronkonsteen” but however you say it, this Young Frankenstein bust is a nice tribute to the late, great Peter Boyle. This Young Frankenstein bust is a custom sculpture, finished in black and white latex . A lifelike...

Latex Star Wars Wampa Puppet Bust

A latex Star Wars Wampa bust, a tribute to Phil Tippett’s 15″ scale Wampa puppet from The Empire Strikes Back. This Star Wars Wampa creature bust was created as a personal project by sculptor and Star Wars fan Tom Spina in the 90’...