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Collecting Supplies - Garment Bags and Archival Storage Solutions

Why choose archival garment bags for costume storage?

Made from 100% natural unbleached muslin, these quality garment bags are stable and non-acidic.  A great buffer against light, humidity and contaminants found in your home, muslin is a material often used by museums.  These bags will not emit harmful fumes that can damage your costumes, like low-cost poly bags can.

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Do you have screen used, production or cosplay costumes, wardrobe or movie props not on display?

We're proud to offer the Foster-Stephens line of archival storage solutions to our clients at TSD.  For 75 years, they have been preserving and protecting family treasures and wedding gowns.  We're now bringing their expertise to movie prop and costume collectors everywhere.  These archival muslin storage bags are ideal for screen used original movie wardrobe and their acid-free tissue and padded muslin hangers will help keep your props and accessories in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

42" Archival Suit Bag

This muslin garment bag is perfect for storing suits, movie costumes, coats, uniforms, and more!

Size 42"x24"x4"









Give your collection the


with our archival storage and collecting supply accessories!

The padded muslin hangers provide gentle support to your valuable movie wardrobe, uniforms or dresses.

Our muslin accessory bag offers archival, museum-style protection for items like shoes, small props and more. 

50" Archival Garment Bag

Slightly larger size garment bag to archivally store uniforms, movie costumes, coats and more!

Size 50"x24"x4"

archival garment bag cotton muslin costume hanger bag
archival garment bag cotton muslin costume hanger bag
archival garment bag cotton muslin costume hanger bag

62" Archival Garment Bag

A longer bag perfect for longer coats and movie costumes, uniforms, dresses and more!

Size 62"x24"x4"

70" Archival Garment Bag

Our largest and deepest archival storage bag, great for long coats, movie costumes or wedding dresses.

Size 70"x24"x10"

archival garment bag cotton muslin costume hanger bag
archival museum style white cotton gloves

Our acid-free tissue paper  is made to meet or exceed the highest museum standards. 

It can be used to gently pad out a dress, movie costume or other wardrobe to prevent wrinkling while in storage.

Don't trust your valuable collectibles with imitations!

Why use archival tissue paper?

archival acid free tissue paper for dress and costume storage
muslin archival bag for costume and dress storage
padded hanger for costume and dress storage

Padded Muslin Hanger

Filled with archival batting, this 17" wide hanger helps prevent fabric damage and stretching and is great for dresses, movie costumes, coats or other heavy garments.

Archival Accessory Bag

Safely store movie prop and costume accessories such as shoes, hats, and more with this 100% muslin pouch.

Approximate Size 12"x18"x6"

White Cotton Gloves

MUST HAVE for handling delicate movie props and costumes. Keep skin oils from damaging your collection!


Acid-Free Tissue Paper

Helps protect shoes, costumes, props and accessories from creases and wrinkles during storage.

Size 20"x30" - 24 SHEETS


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Garment bags, hangers and accessory bags ship in approximately 5 business days, cotton handling gloves and acid-free tissue paper generally ship with 1-2 business days.