Our Custom Sculpture and Theming Services

Photos from a range of extreme-themed one of a kind home decor.  Custom furniture, sci-fi and movie-themed decor and other unique creations for your home theater, home or office!

Our sculptors' work creating classical and realistic busts, masks, characters and statues in a range of materials and finishes like bronze, resin, latex, silicone and more.  You'll find our official Star Wars work in this gallery too.

Recently Updated

Our carved foam and fabricated props, logos, photo-ops, oversized statues, stage sets, trade show booths, environments and more!  Our artists can create characters and props of all sizes!

carved foam trade show booth exhibit props, photo-ops, events, sculptures and busts
clay sculptors for bronze busts, characters and wax figures
theme rooms and theming for decor, rooms, tradeshows, events