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Robin Williams mannequin movie costume display
CLIENT | James Azrael - Owner/Curator, The HSPPA

Robin Williams Mannequin What Dreams May Come

I don’t think I had this wardrobe in my possession a full 24hrs before I was sending Tom a message to discuss this display idea. I knew it had to be created and I couldn’t see anyone but Tom Spina Designs at the reins of such an important piece, not only to me, but to all fans of and to the legacy of Robin Williams. When it comes down to it, I came to Tom because you get more than skill (which everyone at TSD has a ton of!!), you get  a caring professionalism, and a passion for your project that is unparalleled. I’ve worked with TSD before this and I look forward to the next project I get the honor to bring their way. Thank you guys!!!!
– James Azrael – Owner/Curator, The HSPPA 

faux bronze statue of comedian Jeffery Ross for DIY Network
CLIENT | Chad Lang Producer/Director DIY’s Man Caves

Faux Bronze Statue of Jeffery Ross for DIY Man Caves

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your hard work. You guys do great work and not only that, you are a blast to work with. Everyone LOVED baby Jeff including Jeff, his reaction was priceless, when we showed it to him for the first time, he literally sat down on the floor right in front of it indian style, he was really impressed not only by the idea of it, but also by the craftsmanship. I believe at one point he even said “IT LOOKS JUST LIKE ME, EXCEPT MY ASS ISNT THAT NICE.!” Mentioned how small the fig leaf was, it was great. We also showed him the picture you all signed in scene, he got a real kick out of it.

So again, thanks for all your hard work, I really hope we get to work together down the road. And again, we really appreciate it.

An American Werewolf in London Jack Puppet Movie Prop Restoration
CLIENT | Bob Burns

American Werewolf in London Jack Puppet Movie Prop Restoration

“Good Lord, Jack looks incredible. I hope you’re sending these photos to Rick. The stand looks very sturdy as well.  You guys are real geniuses and that’s the truth. Thanks again guys for all your creative work.” – Bob Burns

realistic lion puppets and costumes
CLIENT | Betty Whitehead

Custom Realistic Lion Puppets for Stage Production

“Thank you so so much for the beautiful lions!  You did such an amazing job!  There were so many comments of how beautiful and lifelike they were!  The faces were amazing, from the eyes, mouths, teeth, whiskers, air brushing, gorgeous fur…..every detail!  Exceptional!  Better than expected? Absolutely!

And Tom, you were a delight to work with!  Great communication!  Loved how you gave us pictures on the progression of the lions as they were being created!  Couldn’t be happier with the lions or with the experience of working with you!  Hope we have the pleasure of working with you again!”

Rick Baker Cinnovation studios gremlins

Gremlins 2 Mohawk Puppet Restoration

WOW!!! He looks amazing and I love the base, it works so well and loving the lights.

I honestly can’t thank you and your team enough for all the hard work and effort put into bringing him back to life and giving me the enjoyment of actually owning a grail piece from my favorite film.

Not only have you done an exceptional job but the communication and trust you gave me was above and beyond any company I’ve ever dealt with.

So thank you!

Tom Savini movie prop puppet restoration
CLIENT | Kurt, Horror Prop Collector

Tales from the Darkside Lizzie Puppet Restoration

Your company’s work on this project has far exceeded my wildest expectations. And this comes from a guy who’s already lavished superlatives on previous jobs you’ve done for me. I honestly don’t know how to describe how happy I am with Lizzie and a thesaurus isn’t going to help. Suffice to say that Tom Spina Designs has me smiling from ear to ear. I absolutely couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much to everyone! And a special thank you to you and Maria for all of the blood and sweat you put into this project. It was the furthest thing from easy and you guys simply killed it. I am a customer for life.  I’ve shown Tom Savini and he said, “Lizzie, like all my creations, is one of my children..and with the help of some dear friends…I’m thrilled to see her come back to life again.”

Spaceballs comb desert scene
CLIENT | Troika, Original Movie Prop Collector

Spaceballs Dark Helmet Prop Display

The helmet and display arrived safely and I’m over the moon! This display elevates the piece totally. No hyperbole, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I knew this piece had the potential (its truly a one-off prop from an incredibly memorable scene) but I was certain it needed a screen accurate replica face flap to properly display… and when I originally reached out, that was all was expecting. I’ve been so excited ever since I realized you were making a dedicated display. This piece needed you and I’m certain the work you did tremendously increased the value of this piece – both in terms of simple enjoyment but also literally in terms of what this piece would sell for if offered (although I have no intention of selling any time soon!). Anyway, I’ll stop gushing. Thank you so much!

Thirteen Ghosts custom mannequins - the Hammer movie costume display
CLIENT | Wesley Cannon - Hollywood History

Thirteen Ghosts Hammer Custom Mannequin & Costume Display

“Man, I’m totally speechless!! I’m one happy camper right now… I just don’t even know what to say…you have me so excited with the work…it truly is special to me now and I’m sure it will stay with me for quite sometime…

I really thank you for your hard work and all the time and patience you had with me, as you said about me…i feel you are a top notch guy!!  You are very fair, understanding and a great artist.  thanks again so much!”

Wesley Cannon – www.WickedProps.com and www.theMPF.com

Fluffy the Crate Beast from 1982 Creep show horror film prop
CLIENT | Kurt, Movie Prop Collector

Fluffy The Crate Beast Contact Lens Display

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the crate!  Possibly the coolest thing in my room right now and it’s all because of you fine people. To turn a simple pair of contact lenses into this masterpiece….I don’t think there’s anything you guys can’t do.  I honestly do not.

Thank you once again for your professionalism and unmatched artistic abilities. I don’t know what I’d do without you all.

carved foam trade show booth photo-op
CLIENT | Cobra Labs International - www.cobralabs.com

Carved Foam Trade Show Booth Skull for Mr Olympia

“Hey Tom, the expo was awesome, the booth was amazing and man did it stand out!! It arrived with no damage and was a breeze to put together and pack up again with the directions supplied with each crate. You guys did an awesome job of packaging it up and all I can say is thanks for doing such a great job, it just blew me away.”

Updated note from our client in 2016 – “The skull booth has been shipped around the world to different expos in Europe and the U.K. over the last couple of years and is still going strong.  We had it re-packaged into some different sized crates for ease of travel a year ago, but the booth is still the same as when we first unpacked it in Vegas almost 4 years ago and gets the same amount of attention at every expo.”

life size werewolf prop silicone statue with movie chair
CLIENT | Fernando - Private Collector

An American Werewolf in London Life Size Werewolf Puppy

“I cannot stress how amazing this looks… It’s basically a tangible version of the vision I first had when watching this beloved classic. You guys were absolutely amazing in terms of kindness and keeping up with schedule and you truly are a great artist… Thank you and the team so much for making my dream come to life and I look forward to doing business with you in the future!”

Enik Land of the Lost Costume Restoration Custom Mannequin Display
CLIENT | Keir Neubauer- Private collector

Enik Land of the Lost Costume Restoration and Display

A little over twelve years ago I realized the impossible dream of acquiring the one and only Enik costume, screen-used on the Sid and Marty Krofft tv show Land Of The Lost.  That was the good news.  The bad news was that the hands, feet, tunic, and accessories were missing and, to make matters worse, the latex & neoprene suit was crusty and crumbly.  After over a decade of storage, I decided to locate someone to perform the much needed restoration.  As fate (and luck) would have it, a cursory internet search turned up Tom Spina Designs.  The web site appeared impressive and after a few phone conversations I was convinced they were the perfect shop for the job.  The scope of the work involved specialized sculpting, repair, paint matching, sealing, and display mounting to exacting standards…..everything had to be authentic and matching period reference material of the costume.

   Recently, the work was completed and I had the distinct pleasure of picking up the finished display.  Upon viewing the newly restored and rejuvenated Enik, I was speechless!  Even my most lofty expectations were exceeded!  The level of craftsmanship and dedication to detail is phenomenal, placing Tom and his fellow wizards at the pinnacle of their art.  Needless to say, every step of the process was handled with the utmost in professionalism and pride in their work.  I am so pleased with every facet of this transaction and would highly recommend Tom Spina Designs to anyone contemplating prop restoration of any type.  They truly brought Enik back to life!

Star Wars Ugnaught Movie Prop Mask Restoration from The Empire Strikes Back
CLIENT | Brandon Alinger, Prop Store of London COO, LA

Star Wars Ugnaught Mask Movie Prop Restorations

“Brilliant!  Really pleased with the way this turned out.  Getting it to look more “right” was exactly what I had in mind, but I couldn’t picture exactly how to do it…what you’ve come up with is perfect… you’ve added serious value to it.  Good work!  Appreciate your speediness too…”   – Brandon www.PropStore.com

life size alien statue
CLIENT | Nate Baldwin Graphic Designer, Exede Internet

Life Size Alien Statue “Brian” for Exede Internet

“Tom & Don,  The Brian puppet arrived yesterday and we had a chance to put him on his stand – we are very impressed with the sculpture!  You’ve exceeded our expectations and recreated a nearly perfect copy of the original animatronic puppet.  The craftsmanship on the sculpture is impeccable, and it wasn’t until seeing it in person that we were able to truly appreciate the work that your team did.  Thank you again for all of your hard work!”

Reddit Snoo Alien Life Sized Foam Statue
CLIENT | Adam Freedman - founder ThisisWhyImBroke.com

Reddit Logo Snoo Alien Life Sized Foam Statue

“It was an incredible experience to be a part of, and working with Tom’s team was probably the best experience we’ve ever had collaborating with another company. They kept us up to date on the project constantly, they easily understood what our goals were, and they really valued our input and implemented it into the design”

For Adam’s full review, please visit his website and read today!

Jeepers Creepers Movie Prop Mask Restoration
CLIENT | Matt, Movie Prop Private Collector

Jeepers Creepers Movie Prop Mask Restoration

I’m almost speechless! Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would turn out THAT well. Incredible!  Please pass my sincere thanks to each and every one of you who worked on the mask. It will take pride of place in my movie room.  Kind regards, Matt.

latex Star trek mask repair

Vintage Don Post Spock Mask Restoration

I picked up Spock during my lunch break earlier today, and it took everything in me not to take the rest of the day off to spend with him!

My goodness, what a transformation! I think just the right amount of restoration was done, and the paint matching is nothing short of brilliant. The stand is also a beautiful touch. This piece could not have possibly gone to a better team for this project.

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in this restoration. I am so happy!

Killer Klowns movie prop mask restoration and display
CLIENT | Nick- Private Prop Collector

Killer Klowns Movie Prop Mask Conservation

“Tom Spina designs, both Tom himself and his team constantly kept in touch and sent plenty of photos showing any and all progress made, This Klown piece was in extremely rough shape and turned out to be a beauty. If/when I need preservation/restoration services I know where to go!”

Christopher Lee sculpture in latex and foam like a wax figure bust
CLIENT | Paul Roberts and Christine G - Private Collectors

Christopher Lee Sculpture Dracula Lifesized Bust

“I was very impressed with the photographs that you sent me of the finished bust, BUT… when I opened the box/parcel containing the Dracula Bust I was speechless, in a good way.  The bust looks even better up close, ultra realistic & an exceptional true to life [and] image… of Christopher Lee as Count Dracula.” – Paul

“The work needs to be seen to be believed, simply outstanding work.  I could not be happier with this piece and would highly recommend him to anyone without any hesitation!! again thank you Tom, you are a true artist…keep up the good work! Cheers from Florida, Christine”

life sized Tyrannosaurus Rex head prop
CLIENT | Mike Bilski - "The Lab" Haunted Attraction

Custom Foam Tyrannosaurus Rex Head Life Sized

“Amazing! Better than we could have hoped for…wow people are going to  have a case of the wet pants when that sucker comes out…definitely glad I bought the superior sound package for it. The whole thing is going to be awesome, very theme park like.  Looking forward to getting more pieces from you guys in the future… Mike”

custom man cave with faux rock custom themed furniture
CLIENT | Wesley Cannon, Hollywood History Online

Custom Man Cave – Horror Themed Home Theater & Movie Prop Museum

“I’ve had this dream of a cave room for years.  Tom Spina Designs managed to take my idea far beyond what I’d envisioned.  It was an honor to have Tom and Rich help make this dream come true.  It was a wonderful experience to work with the artists during the design phase and to watch things come together as they were built.   They are top-notch guys and if anyone needs any displays, restoration or theming, Tom Spina Designs is the place to go!”  Want to see more of his collection and theme rooms? Visit Wesley’s site: www.WickedProps.com

custom life size werewolf bust statue fangs and glass eyes
CLIENT | Ian in Australia

Custom Life Size Werewolf Bust Sculpture

“IT IS ALIVE!!  He just got here, its absolutely fantastic just freaking everybody out at the moment. It travelled really well no problems with it, thanks again for the great service and product, am proud to be the first owner of a Tom Spina “New Moon” [ life size werewolf bust ] in Australia.

Thanks, Ian”

character design, latex tree puppet face
CLIENT | Steven Widerman, Puppet Coordinator

Custom Latex Tree Puppet for TV Show Kid Fitness

“Hey Tom, We shot the tree scenes today and it was simply great! We used the closed eye-lids, and they were very effective. The director said the tree was really nice and he hoped they would use it in other episodes. Everyone was very impressed, myself included.  Anyway, thanks for all your help and doing a great job. I look forward to working with you again soon.


ewok return of the jedi mask prop
CLIENT | Prop Store of London - Tim Lawes

Return of the Jedi Ewok Masks from Production Parts

Tom, I took one of your Ewok build ups down to “The Freebs” [make up legends Stuart and Kay Freeborn, creators of Chewbacca, Yoda and the Ewoks for Star Wars] last night. He was VERY impressed with your work. He said he thought it was one of his! I thought you would like to know that you now have the official Freeborn seal of approval!

The Ewok has stayed with Stuart and now stands next to the Yoda statue that he kept. We thought it would be handy for him to have when he is interviewed or photographed in the future.  – Tim – www.PropStore.com

Gremlins puppet MoviPe Prop Foam Latex Restoration neck
CLIENT | Private Collector of Original Movie Props

Gremlins Puppet Movie Prop Restoration

“Hi Tom, Finally back home. Just opened the brown Gremlin and I am soooo impressed!  Thank you for packing everything really well!  When we unwrapped the cloth covering the Gremlin it was reminiscent to brining Frankenstein’s monster to life. Well, sort of!  Very exciting and very happy!  Thank You Tom Spina Designs!”

Predator costume display custom mannequin statue for movie costume with themed base
CLIENT | John in Florida - Movie Prop and Costume Collector

Predator Costume Custom Mannequin & Themed Display

The Eagle has landed.  The Fat Lady has sung.  I did receive the packages yesterday, and I did have a chance to put the Predator together.  I LOVE IT!!!  It is sitting in my family room in all its full glory!!!  Thank you so much.  It was worth every penny to see my wife’s look of wonder, awe, and total disgust!!!  Truly PRICELESS. Regards and Thanks, John

Terminator 2 endo Chest Piece Custom Mannequin Display
CLIENT | Adam - Private Collector of Movie Costumes

Terminator 2 Endo Chest Movie Prop Display

The display has arrived safe and sound and I finally got a chance to unpack it last night.  Firstly your packing job was fantastic, everything was in pristine condition and totally protected so thank you for that.  Once I actually got it all unwrapped and assembled it looked amazing, and even more striking in person than in the great photos you sent me.

I can only say that you have done an astounding job all round Tom. Thank you for taking my vague ideas on with such enthusiasm, developing and improving on them and taking them right through to such a perfect execution.  I’m already looking forward to the next one! All the best, Adam

Robin Williams Mrs Doubtfire makeup display Ve Neill
CLIENT | Chase Sark – Private Collector of Movie Memorabilia

Mrs Doubtfire Makeup Display

She made it home safely! I want to thank you for another top notch experience, and dazzling work of art! I am beyond thrilled with this piece, it is simply stunning. She was packed so well in that crate, it is times like these, I wish I had a power drill. I can barely feel my red blistered hands! Thanks so much again! I hope to do business again soon!

X-files alien props hands and latex mask display
CLIENT | Matt - Private Collector of Movie Props and Masks

X Files Alien Props Mask & Hands

Well, the alien made a landing back at my house.  He looks absolutely fantastic!  The display works beautifully and the work looks amazing.  Everything came well packaged and tightly wrapped.  Thanks again for a great experience.  I hope to do business with you again down the road!  Best regards, Matt

custom acrylic eyes silicone movie prop

Drag Me to Hell Mrs. Ganush Puppet Display

She’s back home!

Had I not been involved in the process, I could never have believed that this…. [image from before our work] Is now this..[image of the finished product]. Once again (and I truly hope I don’t sound like a broken record here) you guys have completely outdone yourselves. She looks fantastic. She turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

Creepshow movie prop Fluffy puppet display
CLIENT | Kurt, Movie Prop Collector

Creepshow Fluffy Puppet Restoration & Display

At this point I don’t really know where to go in expressing my love for what you guys do over there. I really don’t. This is far better than I thought it would ever be…and I knew it would be great. TSD has raised the bar so high in the past that it just becomes an exercise in descriptors that sound more like hyperbole. But they’re all true. And even then it’s not enough. You guys are the best at what you do. Period. Hell, at this point I’m expecting you to cure diseases!
I’m speechless… Thanks everyone. Thank you soooo much.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Prop boots
CLIENT | Blake

Super Mario Bros. Movie Prop Restoration

I wanted to let you know that the boot arrived safely yesterday. Thank you for packing it so thoroughly… Everything you guys did looks excellent in person and I am extremely happy with all of the work you did on it!  Thank you again for working with me on this project and I look forward to working with you guys again in the future!


teenage mutant ninja turtles donatello TMNT costume
CLIENT | James Azrael of The HSPPA

TMNT Tour Costume Restoration and Display

I very vividly remember seeing the TMNT: Coming Out of Their Shells Tour in Chicago, October 1990 at the Arie Crown Theater…i was one of the older big kids (and still am!), the in-between stage of growing up and my love of action figures and rock music! This was also my first concert technically too and it was pretty mind blowing at the time…and quite frankly, just as mind blowing when this finished display arrived at my house – and here was Donatello the Rockstar/Ninja Turtle in my living room with me!! Absolutely surreal and I can’t thank Tom Spina Designs enough for the incredible conservation and display work they did! I forgot how truly rough some of those turtle parts were when I shipped them off…it is truly amazing what the artists at TSD do!  Thank you and COWABUNGA DUDES!!!!

Star Trek The Next Generation movie alien costume
CLIENT | Angelo Cifaldi, Star Trek Prop and Costume Collector

Star Trek Ru’afo Costume Display

Tom Spina and his group just completed my Ru’afo hero uniform project. As you can see they did a fantastic job.  The bust they sculpted and painted of F. Murray Abraham (Ru’afo) is an excellent likeness. He accurately depicted all the folds and distortions in his face and highlighted them in the coloring. The eyes are also hauntingly lifelike. You clearly can see F. Murray Abraham.  I would highly recommend Tom and his staff if you have one of these costumes or any other costume you want to give special treatment to.

CLIENT – Shannon and Jennifer, Private Collectors

Custom Display for an Original Television Show Prop

We can’t tell you how pleased we are with the way this whole project went. You are all very professional and we can’t wait to deal with you again. Sounds like you have a great group of people working there. Tell everyone involved “Thank You”. Have a good evening, Shannon and Jennifer

CLIENT – Jeff K – Private collector of busts and statues

Theme Props and Custom Lifesized Busts

Hi Tom, B-I-G!….is the word that comes to mind. A magnificent sculpt done by Richie. Great details. He did a great job and I really appreciate the time and effort that he put into this sculpt. The details in the face are incredible… it’s those “little” details and that’s what keeps ya lookin’ at it. Thanks Tom. Thanks Richie for a magnificent sculpt. This past year you’ve helped me add some spectacular pieces to my collection and I’m happy with each one.

Truly amazing work! Truly amazing artists!  Take Care.  –  Jeff

CLIENT – Tom L – Private Collector, Home Theater owner

Custom Life Sized Home Theater Characters

3 massive crates showed up yesterday and everything made it intact and undamaged. Rich did an incredible job packing the characters for their long trip.  It took a few hours to unpack them, but they are all now in my theater and look INCREDIBLE! Even my wife loves them, which speaks volumes.

In closing, I would like to thank you and Rich for being completely professional throughout this very enjoyable experience. Sending large checks to someone I’ve never met or dealt with before was a bit scary, especially since you’re on the opposite side of the country. You made me feel comfortable and confident from the start, and your communication, collaboration, and flexibility was uncommonly good. I would be very happy to serve as a reference for you.  Thanks Tom & Rich!

CLIENT – Chris Georgoulias – Private movie prop collector

Adjustable Helmet/Mask Stand & Deluxe Display Stand

Hi Tom!  The displays arrived today and they are perfect!  The quality is top-notch and they help bring out the absolute best in my pieces.  The flocking on the head looks fabulous and the acrylic base really gives it a nice, solid platform.  The adjustable stand honestly looks as if it was custom made for my helmet.  I scoured ebay and store display sites and didn’t find what I was looking for until I stumbled across your display page.  Lo and behold I ended up finding *exactly* what I was looking for and it came from a fellow collector and artist that I actually know and respect.  Thanks again!   Chris Georgoulias