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Unique services and creations for trade shows, marketing, corporate, film/video, theme parks, businesses or museums… anyone!
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Custom Sculpture, Busts and Statues

Bronze busts, wax figures, creatures & animals, aliens & Star Wars characters, we can create what you need!

Star Wars band members, bronze bust,werewolf puppy, michael jackson

Event & Trade Show Props, Custom Theming

Amazing event and trade show booth props, custom themed furniture & decor for your office or home theater and more!

Han Solo desk, Giant statue of liberty, large t rex, reddit alien statue

Custom Mannequins and Prop Displays

Specialized custom mannequins and museum-worthy displays for original costumes and movie props.

Luke Skywalker, Jabba the Hutt, Hellboy, Rocketeer

Movie Prop Restoration

We are the trusted source for the conservation and restoration of original movie props, masks & creatures.

TMNT costume, Gremlins Puppet, American Werewolf in london, Labyrinth