Custom Sculpted Bronze Style Tribute Busts – Early 2022

Our custom sculpted bronze style tribute busts are the perfect way to honor a loved one

One of the things we love about creating these tribute busts is the chance to get to really know each individual client and their loved ones.  These are real people and it’s important that we ensure that each client feels that their loved one is as important to us as they are to them. Capturing the spirit of these people is the goal in any sculpture, but in a bronze-style bust it’s all that much more important. The approach needs a bit of character and not just realism.

While the subject of each tribute bust is unique, the creation process of these busts is very similar. We work with each client to gather as many photos of the subject as we can. Then we have them choose the facial expression they feel really captures the essence of their loved one. Then each life-sized sculpture is hand sculpted in clay, and once the client is happy with the final sculpture, a mold is created. 

When it comes to the finished sculpture we provide a couple of different options to really customize the bust. The first is a process called “cold casting”, in this a special real bronze surface material is brushed into the mold and then a resin material  is poured into the mold. It gives the look and feel of a bronze bust without the weight and cost of a real metal bust. 

The other option is to cast the bust in real bronze, this is the best option for sculptures that will remain outdoors. We partner with a wonderful metal foundry that takes our sculpture work and reproduces it in heavy bronze metal.

The examples shown here were sculpted by frequent TSD artist, Ron Tiller. The largest bust shown (labeled “Felix” at its base) is real bronze, and the highly detailed shirt was a request by the family. Custom glasses had to be fabricated in metal for that project as well, just one of the many challenges in this type of tribute work.

The other examples are cold-cast bronze and show just how realistic resin with a bronze surface treatment can look!

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