Faux Bronze Skull Sculpture Bust

Life Size Faux Bronze Skull Sculpture

This bronze skull sculpture is a faux metal statue with the look of a heavy, bronze bust.  It’s a actually made from lightweight resin and foam. Sculptor Robb DeNicola created the bust in clay, originally to be painted realistically and to complete a custom mannequin for the display of an original Ghost Rider movie costume.  While we had the mold, we decided to finish a copy up to showcase our realistic faux bronze finishing.  The bust was created in clay, molded in silicone rubber with a rigid shell mother-mold, then cast in a plastic resin & filled with a dense foam.  The result is light weight, but with a very convincing look.  We carved the base from foam and then hand treated the whole bust with a faux bronze paint finish with patina accents. While this particular piece wasn’t offered for sale, it’s a great example of the type of finishes we can create.

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