Faux Bronze Tribute Bust

A faux bronze tribute bust sculpted from photographs.

This faux bronze tribute bust is a surprise sculpted for one of our clients  looking to give his wife a one of a kind birthday gift. This life sized statue was hand sculpted in clay by sculptor Steven Richter. Since this sculpture was a surprise, the statue was created using photos of our client’s wife. We try to get as many photos as possible because the more photos we have, the more we can see the person from different angles and that helps to capture their likeness and spirit. Once we have received the photos we begin the sculpture process.  For a bust like this one, that process takes several weeks. When the clay work is complete, the piece is molded in silicone, with a plaster outer shell mold.  That negative mold is then used to cast a resin material, creating the final bust in a rigid plastic with foamed polyurethane core.  Our artists then hand paint the bust with a multi layer faux bronze finish, right down to the added patina.

This creates a lightweight alternative to heavy bronze casting and looks every bit the part.  The finished work of art displays wonderfully.  It’s a cost effective alternative to foundry work, and because we can create a 3D sculpt by hand, using only photos, we can bring any subject to life for your home, office or business.

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