Life Size Plaster Style Bust Professional Wrestler Matt Hardy

A life size plaster style bust for pro wrestling star, Matt Hardy.

When famed pro-wrestler Matt Hardy’s wife was looking for a unique and personal gift for the wrestling star’s birthday, she came to TSD!  We discussed a number of custom sculpture options with her, ranging from a bronze portrait to realism and she settled on a very classical, almost Roman life size plaster style bust of her husband.

At our New York studio, we worked from photos of our famous subject, so we wouldn’t spoil the surprise nature of his very special gift!  Those photos, combined with his wife’s input as we sent progress photos of our artwork allowed us to capture Matt Hardy’s image in a classical, aged plaster style statue.

Sculptor Steve Richter delivered a perfect likeness of our Mr. Hardy, starting with the hand sculpted clay bust, which was then molded in a silicone material and cast in a white resin.  The resin gives us a lightweight and less fragile final sculpture than plaster. We then painted and weathered the entire piece to look like a classical plaster statue from a bygone era. A fitting tribute and a really one of a kind gift!  We had a blast working with our client to surprise her famous husband and hope we can create that same sort of excitement with you someday!

Want to see Matt’s reaction?  Check out Matt’s unwrapping VIDEO ABOUT THIS BUST SCULPTURE

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