Life Sized Michael Jackson Statue and Bust

Michael Jackson Statue – a life sized tribute to the King of Pop!

A life-sized wax museum style Michael Jackson statue we sculpted to display an original belt worn by Michael in his iconic 1993 Super Bowl show (to be displayed along with a replica costume, shown in the photos).  In addition to the custom mannequin, another client had an original stage-worn hat of Michael’s and wanted a life like bust of Jackson on which to display the piece.

Knowing the King of Pop had an ever-evolving image, we went through a lot of reference from the early 90’s and strived to really capture Jackson’s look from that time. We used his statuesque and iconic “frozen” look that opened the 1993 Super Bowl show as our inspiration for the pose of our mannequin and did our best to capture that moment. We spent hours working on the head and body to get the look, body shape and pose just right.  Though the statue and life sized bust both have sunglasses on, we used custom acrylic eyes to breathe extra life into our sculpture.

You can almost hear the applause!

A custom statue like this could be used as a museum figure, in marketing or retail displays and windows, or in theme park attractions and haunts… or even on display in your home!

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