Custom Sculpted Movie Themed Door Prop

A custom foam sculpted themed door prop – a lightweight door disguise!

Created for the home of one of our clients, we made this heavily textured themed door prop from foam.  The rustic door cover with a faux aged wood finish can bring even your door into your room’s theme!  This hand carved foam prop was created by sculptor Richard Riley as part of our theming for a movie prop collector client’s home.  It instantly turns a normal door into something medieval, rustic or old-timey, or perhaps from the distant future, in a planet of apes?!

We love creating themed elements for home theaters and other rooms in our client’s homes but custom foam props like this one can also be used for photo-ops, trade shows or events, or store window displays!  We can use foam to create scenic elements and sets, custom characters, and props or statues large and small.  Be sure to visit our other portfolio galleries for more of our work.

We can take your favorite historical periods, movies or genres and custom sculpt something to make your home theater or office like a theme park!  We can make desks and bars, coffee tables, custom seating, three-dimensional wall art or even whole ROOMS and we work with collectors, private homes, marketing companies, productions… anyone!

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