Millennium Falcon Asteroid Chase Coffee Table

A Millennium Falcon coffee table – never tell us the odds!

A client asked if we knew of a custom themed coffee table based on Han Solo’s beloved Millennium Falcon for sale, and we decided to make something special for him.  When The Empire Strikes Back debuted in 1980, fans like us marveled at the movie magic ILM created in the asteroid chase scene and we thought we could bring that scene to life… in a custom table!  So we present a Millennium Falcon coffee table that instantly calls the scene to mind… The Asteroid Chase Coffee Table!

One of our sculptors, Richard Riley, took the licensed Hasbro Millennium Falcon toy, which had wonderful size and sculpted details, and a great Tie Fighter model kit, and then gave each of the ships movie style paint work.  With just a little time and skill, we turned the toy and mass produced model into ships that looked like movie props for our Star Wars coffee table.

We then built them this amazing asteroid field diorama.  The custom themed furniture took shape as the foam and epoxy asteroid field were carved and sculpted.  The foam rocks were coated in an epoxy putty for texture and durability and arranged in such a way that they could be topped with a sheet of oval glass to create a custom piece of furniture perfect for this Star Wars fan’s home theater!  The result is a coffee table 60″ wide, 36″ deep and approximately 20″ tall with the model Falcon and Tie Fighter dynamically position in flight… a chase through the asteroid field that may never end!

Are you looking for one of a kind custom furniture for your home cinema or office?  Please contact us!  Or, to order your own official Star Wars themed furniture and decor, including an all new version of our Millennium Falcon Asteroid Coffee Table, be sure to visit our sister site, Regal Robot!

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