Custom Tombstone Props Realistic Faux Stone

Foam carved custom tombstone props that are perfect for productions, haunted houses or a Halloween home haunt display!

These faux gravestones and custom tombstone props are one of a kind works of art.  Each foam prop is hand-carved from EPS (expanded polystyrene aka Styrofoam) by our sculptors.  The foam “stones” are then hard coated with polyurea, epoxy or acrylic for a durable surface. The faux stone grave markers and obelisks are then carefully textured and painted with a unique aged finish to create the appearance of ancient carved stone.

We love aging foam props around here. Some folks like fancy new sleek styles, and those are fun (and we do create those too!), but give us a 100 year old headstone over a shiny new prop any day!  Maybe we just love old horror movies too much!  We can create props that are above and beyond what you’ll find at the Halloween stores.  These are the perfect props to display at your next event or for your booth at the next horror trade show.

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This classic Universal Horror is one of our all time favorites!

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