Delorean Time Machine Prop for Store Window Display

 Great Scott! A hand sculpted miniature of the the Delorean time machine prop from Back to the Future.

Back to the Future is definitely one of our favorite film franchises here at TSD, so when we were asked to recreate the Delorean time machine prop, we jumped at the chance!  Specialty shop, PiQ in New York City is across from Radio City Music Hall. Late last year, they filled their store with the largest selection of BTTF merchandise ever assembled, to complement the Music Hall’s showing of the film with a live orchestra.

Since the finished piece needed to hang as a display in a store window, we decided to keep the weight down by carving it out of EPS foam. Hanging the Delorean also gave us the opportunity to create the flying version from the second film complete with the turned up tires.  Our lead foam artist Richard Riley started by carving the body of the car out of EPS foam. Once the body was completely carved it was coated to give the piece stability as well as give the car a more crisp finish. After the coating had been applied, it had to be hand sanded and smoothed to give the car a sleek look, then Rich applied a metallic finish.

Our next step was to apply all of the wires and electronic pieces that give the Delorean it’s signature movie style.  We used a variety of wires, tubes, pipes to create all of the mechanical elements including the “Mr. Fusion” fuel system of the future!  The finished window display prop is lightweight, highly detailed and captures the spirit of our inspiration material. We’re told it was a big hit at the event, and the store brought in tons of fans as part of the event!

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