Addams Family Values Prop Restoration and Display

He’s creepy and he’s kooky. An original Pubert Addams, Addams Family Values prop puppet.

This original Addams Family Values prop is life-sized and was used in the film in place of the child actor from time to time. It arrived to our NY studio in need of some TLC in the form of repairs and restoration.  Pubert Addams had some cracks and missing pieces in the foam skin of his forehead and temple. Our goal for this restoration was to gently bring him back to life… to make the prop look “great for its age.” We wanted to fill in any cracks or missing pieces of foam latex to prevent the cracks from getting worse or any more pieces from flaking off of his face.

Restoration artist Maria Teran began by carefully filling in areas that were missing and recreating the texture of the surrounding material. This way the patches would become virtually invisible. There were a couple of indents in his face that were left, since they weren’t a threat to the surrounding material. This restoration was all about preserving the piece for the future, not about making it look brand new. We wanted the movie prop to maintain its history.

We also created a custom display in a classic style of the iconic Addams Family mansion. We started with a black and white checkerboard tiling for the base. We then added custom stained and aged wood moulding. We also created a custom stand to help support baby Pubert and hold him sitting upright so the world can marvel at his mustache!

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