Labyrinth Door Knockers Original Foam Latex Prop Restoration

Our restoration of one of the original Labyrinth door knockers puppets from the classic 1986 fantasy film directed by Jim Henson and produced by George Lucas of Star Wars fame.

After restoring a Sir Didymus puppet from the movie, we were excited to conserve this rare, original movie prop Labyrinth door knockers puppet! It arrived in fair, but fragile condition.  Maria Teran was our lead restoration artist on this movie prop conservation project and spent quite a bit of time restoring the piece.  It’s a lengthy process and involves stabilizing any damage and deterioration, then subtly patching small holes and cracks in a way that blends off smoothly with the original prop’s sculpture.  Once patched, she then very carefully matched the aged paint and the specific metallic coloration and blended our small repairs to the vintage prop’s skin tone.  Repairs we made during restoration blend seamlessly with the puppet’s wonderful sculpture.

Once the prop was conserved, we created a lovely wall mount display, reminiscent of the door from the movie. We love adding a bit of theming to our displays, to help give the props context and make them as recognizable as possible.  We also love saving props from our favorite films, and Labyrinth certainly falls into that category!

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