The Mask Milo the Dog Resin Maquette Restoration

SSSSSSSSSSSMOKIN’! A repair of a resin The Mask Milo the Dog maquette from the 1994 classic Jim Carrey comedy.

An original production, The Mask Milo maquette was brought to us after a shipping accident.  Shipping fragile resin movie models is no easy task, and the carrier had been a little too rough with him. Several of the prop’s teeth had become dislodged and the dog’s head and and jaw also broke free of the body. Although the accident was unfortunate it was nothing that our crew here at TSD’s New York studio couldn’t handle.

We began by sorting the teeth to find where each one had been originally placed.  We then carefully reattached them one at a time using minimal glue and maintaining the original look as much as possible. Once all of the teeth were reattached we patched the tiny areas of missing material for a more seamless look. Most of the pieces had broken off cleanly which made the repair process a little easier and meant that the resin model remained mostly of original material.

We then moved our attention to the rest of the head. In order to strengthen the head and make sure that the previously broken areas did not weaken over time, we added a tiny metal rod to his head and neck. We then reattached the bottom jaw to the prop’s upper jaw. We wanted to be sure that the piece retained its aged look and original patina, so the only areas were we did any paint touch up were within the boundaries of the repairs we made. This helped make the repairs as invisible as possible while also keeping the piece looking the right overall age. It also helped keep the model’s original paint intact and untouched wherever possible.

Whether you have a foam prop that’s deteriorated over time, or a model kit damaged by handling, shipping or just time, our artists are trusted by museums, archives and private collectors world-wide to help keep your collection looking great over time.

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