Troy Hector’s Fiberglass Movie Prop Shield Restoration

Hector’s fiberglass movie prop shield restoration project from the film, Troy.

This original fiberglass movie prop shield from the 2004 film, Troy, was damaged in storage post-production. A piece of tape was used to label the shield as one of Hector’s (Eric Bana) battle shields which ended up peeling off the paint and leaving a bare area when someone tried to remove it.  Worried that someone might want to repaint the entire shield, the owner of this movie prop came to our studio and tasked us with in-painting the damage.

This means we kept all of the original paint in place, and very carefully spot-painted only the damaged area to blend away the bare spot.  It was a real challenge based on the metallic copper look finish and the layered patina and weathering, but the final restoration blends beautifully!

This is a great example of why so many collectors come to our studio with their cherished original movie props.  We have a passion for these bits of Hollywood history and treat every prop with the respect it deserves.  We work to understand the goals of our clients and balance those with our years of experience in the field of conserving these unusual (and wonderful!) items!

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