Gremlins Hand Puppet Movie Prop Restoration

Our restoration of an extremely rare Gremlins hand puppet from the original 1984 film.

This Gremlins hand puppet originally came from the film’s director, Joe Dante via a movie prop auction. While a large number of puppets from the sequel are in private collections, movie props from the original, 1984 Gremlins are actually quite rare.

One of this prop’s most extensive repairs was that of his neck. The puppet’s head had become separated from the foam body during years of storage. We repaired the neck, including internal, archival patches to help support the repairs.  We carefully re-textured any large damage, keeping the piece as original as possible. To make sure that the weight of the head would not damage the newly repaired neck or start to sag over time, we added internal supports as well as an archival body insert. We also had to add internal supports to his ears to help them retain their shape after they had been straightened.

We separated the prop puppet’s gnarled hands which had become stuck to his body over time.  The hands were reshaped and the prop’s arms posed so that they hung down in a more natural and neutral pose.  Once all of the repairs were completed we got to work painting the repairs to seamlessly blend with the original material. As always, our paint work was strictly limited to the areas we repaired, keeping as much screen used material intact and untouched as possible.

We then had a beautiful museum style acrylic display case and plaque fabricated to complete our client’s display!  While the Gremlins 2 puppets by Rick Baker’s studio are wonderful, there’s a real magic to the Chris Walas puppets from the classic 1984 original film!

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