Vintage Glenn Strange Don Post Frankenstein Mask Restoration

Conserving a vintage Don Post Frankenstein mask for a friend.

We restored/conserved this vintage Don Post Frankenstein mask, a cherished memento of our dear friends, Bob and Kathy Burns.  From Bob, “I have a Glenn Strange Frankenstein mask that I made up myself when I worked at Don Post studios when they needed help around Halloween in getting stuff out. I’m very proud of how it came out. But for some reason gravity has started making it distort and it appears to be collapsing on itself… Do you think that you might be able to at least save it a little?”

For those unaware, Don Post was THE pioneer in latex monster masks and developed some of the earliest rubber Halloween masks.  His influence on our company founder and countless movie FX artists and mask makers can not be overstated.  And of course, horror fans will surely know that Don Post even created created the popular William Shatner mask which was used to created the Michael Myers mask for the Halloween franchise!

The Glenn Strange Don Post mask had indeed become malformed. A mix of gravity and age affected the latex mask and over time, the mask had become quite rigid. We very carefully reshaped the mask into a look much closer to its original, vintage condition.  Once reshaped, we added a foam filling to the mask, which would support it over time, creating stability and keeping gravity at bay!  Not every project is a major restoration, but sometimes, a subtle conservation can make a big difference in a cherished memento or collectible!

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