Doctor Who Prop Restoration Animatronic Cat Puppet

Doctor Who prop restoration – an animatronic cat puppet.

Restoration of an original animatronic cat puppet from a 1980’s episode of the classic BBC sci-fi series, Doctor Who.  Many of our staff are huge fans of the show and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work on a Doctor Who prop restoration for a collector client.

The television prop puppet was in poor condition upon arrival.  Ultimately, the prop required a more drastic restoration than some of our other work, but in the end our work made the client quite happy!

Artist Mike Thomas was the lead artist on this restoration and he did a wonderful job.  Much of the puppet’s foam latex face needed to be reconstructed and Mike did so using archival methods and careful build-up.  With a new nose and eye area sculpted, we then laid a matching black fur over the painted repairs.  Once finished with fur the piece looks nearly identical to when it was originally used on the television show.

Since time is one of the biggest enemies of most movie props, we strive to only use materials that are safe for the long term. Wherever possible, our solutions are archival in nature, flexible, non-tacky when dry, non-yellowing and acid-free.  Just one of the reasons so many collectors won’t trust their valuable television and movie props with anyone else!

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