Dune Stillsuit Movie Costume Restoration

Restoration of an original Dune stillsuit movie costume worn by Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides

Our work conserving and preserving an original Dune Stillsuit movie costume from the 1984 classic sci-fi film!  The particular construction on these costumes made them somewhat fragile as time passed.  This movie costume initially arrived crumpled & stuck to itself.  Years of storage had not been kind to the rubber and foam still suit.  Great care was taken in carefully separating the pieces prior to restoration.  As part of our conservation work, the suit was professionally mounted on a customized torso form. The custom form will help support the fragile movie prop over time and keep it from folding on itself again.

Reticulated foam from within some of the quilting on the costume had turned to dust over time and was replaced with archival batting before repairing the black rubber skin.  Restoring this movie costume was a real challenge!  The missing parts of the costume were gradually rebuilt & each quilted panel was emptied of deteriorated foam, filled with a more stable material & reglued into place to keep as much original material intact as possible.  The fully restored movie prop costume looks very much improved, yet remains quite original!

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