Johnny 5 Short Circuit 2 Miniature Movie Prop Restoration

Our repair and restoration of the original, screen used Johnny 5 Short Circuit 2 model miniatures used in the 80’s comedy.

Johnny 5 is alive! A repair of a scaled Johnny 5, Short Circuit 2 movie prop from the often referenced 80’s movie. The small model of the “Number 5” character, is a bit under about a foot tall.  The screen used movie prop originally arrived  in several pieces.  A bit of thought went into finding ways to repair the damage and simultaneously reinforce areas like the trunk of the character, which bears the weight of the entire upper body.  The process of repairing and reassembling the miniature piece was  painstaking. Once the pieces are reattached we carefully paint an touchup only the new material leaving the original material as untouched as possible.

Our approach emphasizes maintaining the integrity of the original and wherever possible preserving the original “feel” of the piece and evidence of age and use in a production. We know that we have done our job right when our repairs are practically invisible.

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