Stargate SG-1 Chaka Mask Prop Restoration

Restoration of an original Stargate SG-1 Chaka mask from the season 7 episode “Enemy Mine!”

This Stargate SG-1 Chaka mask was created in foam latex by the makeup team for the reoccurring character in season 7.  Stargate SG-1, a popular sci-fi series told the story of a military team which explored new intergalactic lands with the help of a portal called the Stargate. With all of the worlds they explored, Stargate SG-1 gave its viewers several unique and iconic alien species. One of these alien species was the Unas and Chaka’s prop mask was sent to us for conservation work.

For its age, the foam latex mask was in fair condition overall, but there were certain areas that could be improved and strengthened.  It had the added bonus of arriving on a production made foam life cast of the actor who played the character, which can be unbelievably helpful in supporting the restored mask for the future.

We started this restoration like we do with most, by reinforcing the damaged areas of the mask and then rebuilding any areas of missing or cracked material. Most of our focus was on the area around the nose, eyes and mouth with some other areas on the head and shoulders.  Those patches were built up in layers to match the texture of the prop mask.

We carefully texture each patch so that when they are painted the transition between original material and the patches becomes almost seamless. Then it comes time to paint match each individual patch. We use a combination of reference photos as well as the surrounding material to help make the patches nearly invisible. Once the restorations are complete we seal the foam to help strengthen the delicate material.  Matching paint is a painstaking process and we strive to make all work disappear on the prop.

Whether you’re a large museum, an auction house or even a private collector, we offer our restoration services world-wide and can help preserve television and movie props, costumes and masks.

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