Empire Stikes Back Yoda Puppet Hand Movie Prop Restoration

An original Yoda puppet hand from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back.

The foam latex Yoda puppet hand prop was in fairly good condition on arrival with our conservation artists, especially considering its age. This was a screen used part of the puppet performed by Frank Oz in The Empire Strikes Back.  Due to its age, the foam prop showed several areas that needed attention in our restoration work.  Carefully blended repairs were made to the finger, thumb tip and wrist of this original prop from 1980. As with all of our movie prop restorations, care was taken to blend the patches via in-painting.  This means that we very specifically paint only the repair and not the entire prop.   We focused on recreating the aged texture and color tones of the surrounding areas, making for invisible repairs and seamless restoration of a piece of Hollywood film history!  Yoda’s puppet hand was mounted on a thick block of acrylic to make for a beautifully displayed movie prop, suitable for any museum!

We constantly research new techniques and materials in order to enhance the archival qualities of the work we do. We strive to only use materials that are safe for the long term and this, combined with the skill and keen eye of our artists, is why many collectors won’t trust their treasured movie collectibles to anyone else!  If you’re a movie memorabilia collector in need of movie prop restoration for foam latex masks, puppets or even whole creatures or costumes, our company is the trusted source for this work.

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