Star Wars Ewok Movie Mask Restoration

Movie prop restoration of an original Star Wars Ewok movie mask from Return of the Jedi.

Another original Star Wars Ewok movie mask from Return of the Jedi with tears and in extremely fragile condition, especially the ears, which were crumbling badly on arrival.  Great care was taken unpacking this costume piece from the 1983 Star Wars sequel.  In the years since the movie’s production wrapped, the foam latex became somewhat brittle and before our conservation work, the piece was fragile.

The fragile foam latex nose and lips were stabilized and carefully rebuilt with archival materials to match the look of the original sculptures done by Stuart Freeborn’s team for the movie.  Initially loose, the movie prop masks’ teeth and eyes were secured in their proper place. The foam latex ears, which were extremely fragile, were stabilized and carefully reassembled in such a way that our work was essentially invisible.  The Ewok’s fur fabric also had several tears.  We addressed tears in the top of the head and loose neck fur.  Great care was taken to make all of our work blend seamlessly with the original, aged material and to keep this screen used movie prop as untouched as we could.

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Star Wars Ewok Movie Mask Restoration