Welcome!  The Spina Cantina is an online gallery showcasing my collection of TV and film memorabilia.  You’ll find Props, Wardrobe, Masks, Busts & Star Wars Cantina-related pieces.  Like so many kids in the 70’s, Kenner Star Wars toys were among the first collectibles I gravitated towards, many of which I still have.  Soon after came Don Post’s amazing Halloween masks.  Eventually, I began making my own masks and replica props, with a particular passion for the many aliens seen in the Star Wars cantina scene.

Since then, my collection has evolved and now focuses primarily on original, production used props and wardrobe from many of my favorite films and TV shows.  Through my collecting and work, I’ve had the good fortune to meet some of the people who’ve created these incredible pieces of art, and I hope that readers here enjoy getting a closer look at some amazing pieces of film and TV history and that this site gives their work the honor it deserves.

If you’re a fellow collector or just someone who appreciates this style of art, I’d like to encourage you to explore the rest of this site via the menu above.  At Tom Spina Designs, I work with wonderful artists and create custom sculpture, theme props, statues and perform some amazing custom work, restoring and displaying original movie props and costumes.

Got a comment? Or have something that you think might be a good fit for the collection?  Please contact us today!   -Tom

Spina Cantina movie prop collection page

Star Wars Cantina Movie Props, Costumes and Masks

Highlights from a collection of original props, costumes and masks from this classic scene in Star Wars. I’m always on the lookout for original Star Wars cantina related props, costumes and especially masks.  I’m also interested in production items, paperwork or “cast from original” pieces (assuming the provenance is good).  Please don’t hesitate to email you know of anything that might be a good fit for the collection.

Original Movie Props and Wardrobe Collection

Highlights from my collection of original screen-used movie & television props and wardrobe, and a few unique replicas. While nothing here is specifically “for sale”, and some pieces are very unlikely to ever leave my collection, I will sometimes entertain reasonable offers.

Collector Masks and Busts

A few of my favorites from my non-cantina mask collection… mix of rare collector masks and some pieces sculpted by me.

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