MAN CAVE - Room Two - Custom Themed Media Room


As you walk through the first room in this Man Cave, through a riveted archway of girders you see a warm glow... It's the Media Room!

A warm and relaxing sanctuary from the outer room, we nicknamed this space the "Captain's Quarters"

early in the design process.

This themed Media Room is intended to be inviting and more of an "indoor", "finished" space as a contrast to the cold and gritty feel of the Movie Prop Display Room next door.  The walls are warm toned and  feature a sponged, somewhat Tuscan treatment that set the mood.

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Man Cave Home Theater Theme Room Media Room

Comfortable furniture, custom sculpted tables and shelves and layers of texture detail help create the proper atmosphere.

The faux rocks in this room intentionally have more warm brown tones vs. the gray of the front room.  Stalactites mingle with pipes in the back ceiling and a pair of old boilers look ready to keep things toasty.

Girders and other elements bridge the visual "feel" of the two rooms and unify them.  Once again, riveted metal strips around rocks give the impression of wood floor being trimmed out around "existing" rock formations. 

A giant 62" Samsung Plasma HDTV (chosen by the client based on his love of split-screen gaming) makes a big impact on the viewing wall!  His Samsung sound system rounds out the home theater elements.

If you haven't already checked out the other room from this build, visit the  Movie Prop Display Room Gallery for pics of the other room we created as part of this project!

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Man Cave Home Theater Movie Props Display Room


Added stalactites to the ceiling on the back wall

Created boilers and the accompanying weathered old electrical control box

Created rock shelving unit with lacquered wood  shelves and a "moonshine still" for added story

Added and aged faux metal pipes to the back wall and ceiling, connecting the rock shelves with the boilers

Created faux rock two-tiered glass-topped coffee table with display area inside.

Created a large decorative stalagmite corner sculpture with added glass-topped table

Created another side table that looks like jagged stalagmites with a glass top

Created a faux metal "steampunk side-table table" using pipes, glass and numerous other elements

Created faux metal girders with the look of riveted, rusted steel

Sourced all accessories and furniture

Created the lighting layout and chose the ceiling elements

Modified the TV console cabinet to fit the theme

Themed the light dimmers to fit in with the look and feel of the room

Did detail painting throughout, adding age, weather and "dirt".

Added faux-aged pipes to hide the wires for the front speakers.

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Man Cave Home Theater Horror Home Cinema

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Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave faux Rocks stalagmite
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave faux Rock bookcase
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave pipes and stalactites
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave boilers rusty
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave rusty boilers
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave steampunk table
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave detailed theming
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave
Themed Home Theater Design Man Cave faux stone coffee table

The view when you enter this one of a kind Home Cinema / Media Room with hanging stalactites, pipes, & rock furniture

A unique oscillating ceiling fan adorns a faux metal section defining the seating area.  80's horror props adorn the walls

Inside the faux stone coffee table is a velvet lined display shelf. Incorporating display space was always a goal!

The ominous Movie Prop Display Room is seen outside the rusted, riveted, faux metal girder archway.

A stunning piece of sculpture with added function.  Dim, dirty cage lights accent the piece & theme of the room

Wesley's plasma HDTV is framed by rusty vents - obviously there to direct dripping cave water away from the electronics!

A giant tree prop from the movie "300" sits in the alcove in front of subtly patterned deep red curtains.

This one of a kind table was the first piece we created for these theme rooms.  It set the style for what was to come

The layers and detail of this theme room. Comfy furniture is mixed with sculpted functional art for a unique design!

A stalagmite side table is another sculpted creation.  Behind it, aged boilers stand ready to warm the space further.

A closer look at these incredibly detailed boilers and the electrical control box.  These pieces are actually painted plastic!

A close up of some details, including an in-joke plaque with the names of the two lead artists on the project

Pipes weave their way through stalactites on the ceiling, past props and connect the boilers with the shelving unit.

This mixed media furniture unit has a faux "moonshine still" built in to add character and backstory to the space

A closer look.  Lacquered wood shelves and unusual metal details abound on this amazing home theater furniture

A closer look at some of the many details seen in this one of a kind theme room! 

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