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About Tom Spina Designs

Tom Spina Designs, Inc. specializes in creating custom statues, sculpture, mannequins, unique themed furniture and decor, and the restoration and display of film props and costumes.

Our artists have a wide range of talents and can offer everything from portrait sculpture, busts & masks to custom fabricated statues, signs, furniture, decor and theme props of all sizes or even entire themed rooms and home theaters.

From realistic wax museum style mannequins, to bronze busts, to giant carved foam characters or environments, TSD can help bring your vision to life.

We have also done groundbreaking work preserving and restoring television & film props and foam latex costumes and masks.  Our unique techniques make use of archival quality materials and our signature balanced approach to restoration maintains the integrity of these important artifacts of film history, making us the go-to source for those looking for conservators for their precious collections.

For the collector looking to show off their otherwise difficult to display items like original movie props, film wardrobe and or masks, look no further. TSD can design and create custom mannequins, themed or museum style displays that will make your pieces of film history shine!

The company made internet waves with our infamous Han Solo in Carbonite Desk and has become known for our authentic recreation of Star Wars characters for Volkswagen’s 2012 Super Bowl commercial as well as our work with Walt Disney Imagineering, Sideshow Collectibles, Six Flags and others. This ultimately led to the creation of our sister company, Regal Robot, where we offer a wide array of officially licensed Star Wars creations!

Best of all, our custom sculpture and display services are available to everyone. We create our artwork for businesses, home theaters, museums, restaurants, themed attractions, haunts and even private collectors.

What can we create for you?

Original Star Wars Muftak Costume restoration
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About Our Artists

Our artists have an incredible array of talents and experience. Together, their contributions make TSD’s work extraordinary!

Tom Spina

Company Founder

Sculptor, company founder and the creative vision behind all of our projects. Tom's life-long passion for movie props and mask making led to his pioneering work in the field of movie prop restoration.

    Richard Riley


    After meeting in the late 90's, Rich and Tom have collaborated on countless projects. Rich's unique approach to foam carving, clever use of materials and ingenious creative solutions help make our projects special.

      Robb De Nicola

      Creative Director

      Robb's lent his talents to TSD projects since the very beginning. His knowledge and understanding of the techniques and assets we work with, as well as his experience in marketing, makes him a great fit to help set the direction for TSD and our sister company, Regal Robot.

        Patrick Louie

        Senior Artist

        Pat began with TSD in 2011 and rapidly developed his creative talents, becoming a leader of our team, sharing his considerable experience in restoration, fabrication and beyond.

          Maria Teran

          Artist & Studio Coordinator

          A talented artist and painter with a particular skill for original movie prop conservation and restoration, Maria helps coordinate our NY studio team.

            Christine Richter

            Office and Project Coordinator

            Responsible for client care and coordinating the careful packing and shipping of valuable artifacts, Christine manages the office and (like most of our crew) can be found creating in the studio when all hands are required!

              Melissa Ocampo


              Melissa began in our office but now is a studio artist, performing conservation and restoration work with a specialty for highly accurate paint matching.

                Samantha Martino


                Sam's a graduate of Make-up Designory and two-time IMATS Battle of the Brushes winner. She puts her considerable makeup skills to work in our studio on restoration and fabrication projects.

                  Eric Diestler

                  Chief Science Officer

                  Eric assists in outstanding ways in the office, studio and at convention appearances for Tom Spina Designs and our sister company, Regal Robot

                    Tracey Halfpenny

                    Customer Care

                    Tracey is often the first point of contact for new customers who drop us an email or give us a call. She also helps coordinate our office.

                      Ricky Vitus


                      An alum of the Savini school and TV series Face Off, Ricky's the latest addition to our NY studio team and he's contributing to a wide range of fx style projects.

                        Pierre Briel


                        Pierre's an experienced foam fabricator and applies his skills to foam, fiberglass and other fabrication projects at our New York studio.

                          Max Frey


                          A talented graphic designer, Max has immersed himself in practical art at our studio, helping produce our products for Regal Robot. His skill with a camera have made him our go-to photographer for both companies.

                            Nate Hernandez


                            Nate quickly became a part of our team in 2019. His background in puppets and skill with patterns and fabrication have helped expand our studio's in-house capabilities.

                              SPECIAL THANKS

                              We’d also like to thank the following people for all of their contributions, assistance and support:

                              Theresa Spina, Gordon Tarpley, Sean Fields, Nina Bellord, Brian Haimes, Michelle Nyree, Todd Rex, Casey Wong, Lonnie Hale, Rich Krusell, Brian Lewis, Megan Oliveri, Bill Tarpley, David Woodruff, Mike Thomas, John Ciarlone, Tom Potter, Anthony Steiner, Kitty Herbert, Howard Senft, Kelly Decambre, Art Andrews, Jake Anderson, Billy Barkhurst, Mike Fontana, Mike Morello, Tyler Ham, Steve Abbananto, Marcus Loscalzo, Dave Delisle, Don Bies and crew at White Room Artifacts

                              …and all of the other artists, vendors, interns and craftsmen who’ve contributed so much to our work!