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Tom Spina Designs Scrapbook and Additional Galleries

Monsterpalooza: Burbank 2009

Check out our Monsterpalooza 2009 Gallery for pics from this incredible monster show where Tom was among the presenters.

Artists of TSD at Monsterpalooza 2009

On this page, you'll find links to galleries of artists photos and our appearances at shows/conventions. For photos of our work, be sure to visit the Premium Custom Services links above!

Monsterpalooza: Burbank 2010

For pics of this year's incredible show full of amazing sculpture, creatures and FX artists, visit our Monsterpalooza 2010 Gallery

Artists of TSD at Monsterpalooza2010

The TSD Scrapbook!

Random photos that don't quite fit elsewhere on the site.  Here you'll find behind the scenes pics of our artists at work and more!

The art of Monsters and Movie FX Makeup

Monsterpalooza: Burbank 2011

Our photos from another incredible monster show! The Art of Monsters was in full force this year!

The TSD page on Facebook!

Do you want to see behind the scenes pics of our work and photos of projects that never make it to the website?  Then visit our page on Facebook and be sure to click "Like" to get all of our updates!

Tom Spina Designs on Facebook

Monsterpalooza: Burbank 2012

Our photos from this year's amazing Art of Monsters convention!  With plenty of images of the artists and their creations!

Art of Monsters and Fx at Monsterpalooza 2012

Star Wars Celebrations III, IV and V

Our Star Wars Celebration Gallery has pics relating to these shows and Tom's participation in the movie prop and wardrobe discussion panels at these shows.

TSD at Star Wars Celebration movie props panels
Star Wars Celebration VI 6 Orlando 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI - 2012

A gallery of images from this incredible convention where Tom was a special guest.

Monsterpalooza: Burbank 2013

The Art of Monsters convention!  Lots of images of life size busts and statues seen at the show!

Monsterpalooza lifesized statue display 2013

Monsterpalooza: Burbank 2014

Our pics of all the monster goodness on display at this year's "Art of Monsters" show in Burbank, California.

monsterpalooza movie fx show