Latex Star Wars Wampa Puppet Bust

A latex Star Wars Wampa bust, a tribute to Phil Tippett’s 15″ scale Wampa puppet from The Empire Strikes Back.

This Star Wars Wampa creature bust was created as a personal project by sculptor and Star Wars fan Tom Spina in the 90’s.  Like so many sculptors, he learned his craft recreating the monsters from the films he loved.  The Hoth Wampa scene from 1980 is a classic and the movie featured several variations of the beast.  There was a giant sized costume by Stuart Freeborn’s makeup team, a puppet version made by Phil Tippett and even a man-sized costume (performed by Howie Weed) and made by ILM in the 90’s for the special edition.

This latex puppet started as a clay sculpture and was then molded with plaster so the final bust could be cast in latex and foam.  It features glass eyes & realistic ice weathering, made from wax dripped into the white acrylic fur. Plastic teeth were made and weathered with staining and paint, to give him a ferocious, animal appearance. The result is a great replica of the original prop, and a one of a kind piece of art!

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